i have no idea why im here.... but it seems...that i can't leave this place.....
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Every single one of your actions suddenly becomes epic when you listen to this

I play this in my car while I’m driving.

I’m getting married and walking down the aisle to this song

I decided this a long time ago

Try petting the cats to this.

Ima just gon reblog this a seventh time okay

life is EPIC

no my wedding music is going to be all soft and romantic and sweet until it’s time for me to go down the aisle 

everyone’s going to stand and the music will transition like a badass into tHIS and IM GONNA COME IN SWINGING ON A MOTHERFUCKING VINE AND LAND LIKE THREE FEET AWAY FROM THE ALTAr and then the music will fade back into the cute wedding serenade type thing and i will walk slowly the rest of the way

Tumblr weddings are the best! Can you please plan my wedding

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